Upcycling Pallets into benches and tables

Upcycling old pallets is great fun and really frugal too…

Upcycling pallets into benches

This is not so  much a how-to post as an inspirational one. If you can get free pallets – and many companies are happy to give the old ones away rather than paying for disposal – there’s lots of things you can do with them!

Upcycling pallets

We made some garden seats!

Upcycling pallets

Woodland ones painted green:

Upcycling pallets
Upcycling pallets

A bit of purple:

Upcycling pallets

And a table too!

There are good books with more instruction and inspiration to be seen here and you can even buy (or make!) waterproof cushions for them!

Our favourite is the pink!

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upcycling pallets

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