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Autumn Recipes and Clothes and a New Book

the mermaid and the bear
Well, Autumn is upon us. We’ve had our first sparkly frost of the season, all lit up by the full moon. And we’re eating soup. Lots of soup.

Other recipes that are good for Autumn: Root SoupRoast Pumpkin and Garlic PastaBeer Battered Onion Rings and Porridge with a chocolate swirl!

We’ve been doing some jumper and jacket updates of our wardrobes over at Everything5Pounds.

And should you be ready to look ahead to the next season: Frugal Christmas!

Our founder’s debut novel is out today. Traditionally published, and obsessively researched, THE MERMAID AND THE BEAR blends an often overlooked period of history, the Scottish witchcraft accusations, in particular the 1597 Aberdeen witchcraft panic, with a love story. And the kindle version is a real bargain… Of course, the book can be ordered from independent book shops and libraries too.

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Summertime… and the living is easy, or Frugal!

tent in the garden

Summer is well underway here in Scotland. The heatwave actually reached this far North this time. We’ve been cooling off in the tent, and eating ice lollies in the garden: cheapest holiday ever!

Don’t miss our frugal days out and holiday page here.

Everything5Pounds have lots of great £5 summer deals on clothes and accessories for the heat, such as dresses and sandals and swimsuits. See them here.

Cooling, summer day foods:
Minted Noodle Soup
Basic Pasties (great cold)!
Rice Salad
Ice Lollies

Make a Few Pounds
Food Shopping Tips

Stay Cool!

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