rhubarb jam

rhubarb jam

A delicious jam, exceptionally cheap to make, especially if you have a free source of rhubarb.

It is very easy to grow, coming up every year without fail. Don’t be shy about asking friends and neighbours if they have any spare when you see it growing – it’s surprising how much sits there unused in gardens – and you can give them a pot of the resulting jam as a thank you!

Use the same weight of rhubarb as sugar, for 3 or 4 jars we used: 1 kilo rhubarb sticks; 1 kilo preserving sugar (theoretically cheaper as it’s not ground up fine but if you find discounted sugar go for it – it’s all much the same!); juice of 2 lemons; a thumb sized piece of fresh ginger.

Layer up a bowl with rhubarb and sugar and leave to sit overnight. Next day, pour it into a pan with the lemon and ginger and bring to the boil. Turn down to simmer until the rhubarb is all mushy and the sugar mix is thickening. This is much quicker with rhubarb than many other fruit jams and it can be done in about 20 minutes. Leave to cool, remove ginger piece and then pour your rhubarb jam into jars.

Another simple way to use rhubarb is in a crumble or pie. It can be used in place of apples in our apple pie recipe.

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