radish top soup, a no waste recipe

Radish top soup, a no waste recipe

This no waste recipe uses up the leaves of radish which are one of the most nutritious greens on the planet. Please don’t throw them away!

Radishes are one of the easiest things to grow in your garden. A pack of seeds are ready in a few weeks making lovely crimson additions to salads. We were delighted when Julia Barr sent us this great no waste recipe using their tops (leaves), the part which is usually thrown away. No exact quantities are given so adjust to how many tops you have!


radish top soup

vegetable oil or soya margarine
diced onion
diced potatoes
chopped radish tops
vegetable stock or water
soya milk
salt and pepper to taste


Cook the onion in oil or margarine until soft, add the potato and radish tops, stir until coated in oil/margarine. Add the stock and bring to the boil, simmer until the potato is soft, whiz in a blender until creamy, add soya milk to loosen, add salt and pepper to taste.

A real treat, creamy and yummy and an extra revelation: fresh tarragon is an excellent inclusion! And some cashews, soaked, cooked and blended into the recipe make it a ‘cream of’ style soup.

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  1. A bit of celery and/or a leek or a few spring onions would also be good additions, plus maybe a few frozen peas, and also mint if you haven’t got tarragon. I make ‘green soup’ from all sorts of things that might be thrown away, including slightly past their best lettuces or bags of salad leaves. The only drawback is that if red leaves are included, the soup tends to be murky rather than green so looks less appetising,but it still tastes good.

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