mushroom and pea rice


A very simple dish, but utterly delicious. Nice with salad as a light meal or as part of a larger dinner with a baked potato or oven chips. Extra frugal if you follow our food shopping tips or forage for mushrooms (only eat what you are absolutely sure about, shaggy parasols are the only ones I’m brave enough to pick!)

Ingredients: rice, a little olive oil, sliced mushrooms, frozen peas, salt to taste. (Quantities are entirely adjustable, for my huge horde I cooked 500g of rice, 2 punnets of mushrooms and half a bag of peas)

Prepare the rice as per packet instructions. While it’s cooking, fry the mushrooms and peas in the oil. Cover and let the peas simmer in the mushroom juices for a few minutes until cooked. Add salt. Once the rice is ready, mix it all together.

Thrifty tip: prepare more rice than you need and make tomato and rice soup or rice salad the next day

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