When attempting to live frugally it is important not to do this from a mental place of lack – ‘I can’t have this’ or ‘can’t do that’ attitudes will not help you. Having lots of ‘things’ was never going to make you happy anyway – often people find that when they start living more simply they replace all the running about spending with happiness! Of course you can still have things – you just won’t pay so much for them!

Little things you can do to develop an abundance attracting and happy state of mind:
1. Count your blessings – a cliche but so true – be thankful for all the good you have in your life – the most important blessings are not always the big shiny ones 🙂
2. Expect the best (can be difficult to keep up!!) – haven’t you noticed how people who are always pessimistic and moaning keep having bad experiences and lots of bad luck? There’s a reason – whatever you focus on most is what you attract to you – let it be good stuff! Let your mind dwell on the things you love.
3. Don’t let frugallity make you mean – you can be generous without being wasteful – what goes around comes around.
4. Be nice to yourself – you deserve it – give yourself little treats whether it’s a glass of wine, a bath with candles and essential oils or an hour in the sun with a book – it doesn’t have to be a mad shopping spree. In fact frequent over-spending is often the result of some deep emotional unhappiness – the spending won’t cure it.
5. Practices like meditation, walks in the country and yoga help to keep you centered and calm.
6. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon – whether it’s with positive thinking or being frugal – forgive yourself and move on.

Many writers have written about the spiritual laws of abundance and positive thinking – here are some we love:


‘Money and the Law of Attraction’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks is a fabulous work about the power of our thoughts – a very timely publication to keep us uplifted and positive, attracting what we want rather than what we don’t!! Buy from Amazon.co.uk or Buy from Amazon.com (USA) Also available on audio CD (the paperback book does have a short CD with it too) – great to have on in the background. Even if you’re feeling down, it’s amazing how this can improve things! Buy from Amazon.co.uk or Buy from Amazon.com (USA) You can read or listen to much of their material for free on their website and also sign up for daily inspirational emails.


abundance book‘The Abundance Book’ by John Randolph Price draws its wisdom from many sources and includes a 40 day prosperity plan. This is a really special title for us. We were selling our house and trying to find another larger one. Things were not going well and one morning I sat and read this book cover to cover. That very day a buyer came along and asked us to name our price. We then bought a dream house for a bargain price…  Buy from Amazon.co.uk or Buy from Amazon.com (USA)


manifestMotivational speaker and writer Wayne Dyer offers his plan for happiness and attaining the life you want in ‘Manifest Your Destiny’.  Buy from Amazon.co.uk or Buy from Amazon.com (USA)




‘You Can Heal Your Life’ has become a classic of positive thinking. Louise Hay works with self-love and affirmations to help you create the life you want. Buy UK or Buy US

The Hay House YouTube channel has some wonderful, motivational and uplifting content.




thesecret‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. Well known film (and then book and CD should you wish reinforcement) about manifesting. Many inspirational writers and speakers are featured throughout. Many people have used the techniques to transform their lives. Our current house is a mixture of things weve always wished for, it’s kind of proof of the pudding for us as weve been studying similar books for a while now. We all enjoyed the film very much and keep the book in the bathroom for anyone to peruse.

So, film: Buy UK or Buy US

book: Buy UK or Buy US

and audio CD: Buy UK or Buy US


wdbkA fabulous live recording of Wayne Dyer and Byron Katie. We bought this for Wayne as weve long been familiar with the power of his recordings but were blown away (in a good way!) by Byron Katie’s work too. She has an amazing technique called ‘the work’ that makes you examine negative sitautions, people etc. in your life and turn it around – you have to listen to believe or understand it really 🙂 Transformative.

Buy UK or Buy US

Byron Katie’s website

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