Frugal Recipes: soups, mains, sides and sweets

Any dish that you prepare yourself will cost a lot less than buying it ready made in a shop or restaurant – so really all home cooking is relatively frugal. The frugal recipes listed below are exceptionally thrifty but still healthy (sacrificing your health is not frugal at all!) – no meal should be over £1 per person and most will be less. If you are using some of our shopping tips such as buying staples from clearance sellers like Low Price Foods  and Approved Food, many of the main courses are under 50p per person and the soups and dips considerably less.

Also see our post The 25p Meal for super-frugal meal ideas.

frugal recipes: tomato rice soup

The recipes listed all feed a family of four unless otherwise stated (you can of course, reduce or increase the quantities if needed). All recipes are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


frugal recipes: split pea soup

Main Courses:

Side Dishes, Sauces, Dips and Basics:

frugal recipes: wild garlic pesto

Sweet Things:

frugal recipes: lavender jam being made

Everything5Pounds, exactly what it says.

Other frugal recipes:

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