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Food sharing…

Olio is a food sharing app that you can download to your phone to give or receive food in your local area. It does have a desktop version too. People share things that they can’t use up in time, while farmers and gardeners sometimes offer produce that they have too much of. We’ve added this information to our free food section but you can just search for the app!

Cheap Seeds

Thompson and Morgan have an amazing seed deal on: 10 packs for £10. Go here for the seed selection which contains over 300 types of fruit and vegetables, many usually costing £3.99 each. Offer ends midnight 25th of August 2021 or as long as stock lasts.

Use code TM_TAW61W at checkout to make sure you get the offer price for the seeds.

Making Money From a Website

We’ve updated this information on our make money page. Base it on something you’re passionate about and we’re sure you’ll fly!

In case you missed it last time

House and/or pet sitting can be a great way to get cheap holidays. Trusted Housesitters are active in over 130 countries and you can register as a sitter here, or look for a sitter of course! See all our other frugal holiday and days out tips here.

All Our Frugal Recipes

For all our soups, sides, mains and puds go here.

Cheap Food and Clothing

Clearance food outlets Low Price Foods and Approved Foods are well worth a regular check as they get new products in often.

Everything5Pounds: the £2.50 sale is still ongoing.

Happy food sharing, and seed gathering!

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