Christmas Food Bargains

It’s a bright and frosty morning today and we’ve been out and about getting some bargains. Tesco, as seen above, have reduced their basic festive veg (full size bags including potatoes) to 29p. That’s cauliflower, sprouts, parsnips, carrots and tatties. We now have to see if we can fit them all in the fridge!

A staff member at Aldi confirmed that, unusually for a supermarket, the best time to get their marked down veg is first thing in the morning as it’s done the night before. Some Christmas tree shaped pretzels from Aldi:

Christmas Eve is a good time to catch the biggest food mark downs from other supermarkets especially early evening. Roll on the 10p bread and more 25p meal ideas!

It’s not too late to buy some pressies at Everything5Pounds or check those daily deals from clearance food specialists Approved Food.

See our festive recipes on the Christmas page.

Stay cosy, remember to get some rest amidst the rush, and enjoy your Christmases!

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