banana ice lollies

1. Banana Ice Lollies

2 or 3 bananas
lolly sticks (you can substitute cocktail sticks for older children)
optional coverings:
melted chocolate or maple syrup
dried coconut
chopped nuts
sesame seeds
vermicelli (hundreds and thousands)

Cut the bananas into bite size chunks and push the lolly sticks into them. Place in the freezer on a covered freezer proof dish for a couple of hours or until frozen. They are delicious just like that but if you prefer a bit of decadence (still relatively frugal when you’re making your own!): dip each lolly in chocolate or syrup (be quick – it sets quite fast!) and then into dry ingredients of your choice (chopped nuts are our favourite). Perfect for all those wonderful long summer days that are coming (positive thinking).

2. Blended lollies are great – you can use pure juice but it will come out very hard and ice like. Adding some banana to the blender helps cream it up a bit – pictured are a blend of raspberries, banana and a little apple juice. Experiment with what fruits you have at hand 🙂 Lolly moulds available here

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