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I first became a Kleeneze distributor about 25 years ago when I was living on a small income and had just had a baby. I needed a way to make some extra cash. So, bag of catalogues hung on the pram, off round the local village I went and I did indeed make that bit of extra cash that I needed. Circumstances changed: there was a house move and another baby and Kleeneze was forgotten about.

Fast forward to last summer (2017) and my daughter was looking to make some money part time alongside doing a degree. She found an ‘opportunity’ online. It cost £25 to join to sell online stuff.

‘Well, that sounds like a scam,’ I said. ‘Show me these videos you’ve been sent to watch.’

I watched the first video.

‘But this a Kleeneze video they’re using…’

The penny dropped.

‘Oh! Yes, it’s a real thing, a reputable company, been going for like a hundred years (actually 94) ; you should go for it!’

So she did. And she started making some money at once. And it built as she built her customer base. Oh, the power of the customer base! I had not understood that 25 years ago when doing just one tiny village. But those people you return to, those repeat customers? A drop of 50 catalogues to them brings in a phenomenal amount of orders compared to a blanket drop of a new street or place.

‘Mum, maybe you should do it too…’ And so I am.

Between us, since last summer, we have been round 4 local villages and built a good little base. Kleeneze paid for Christmas this year! Emboldened and inspired by this, we’re now blanket dropping the local town and building a base there.

And there’s the online selling too now, that’s a big change I’ve seen this time round. We have our own online shops (Kleeneze and Klife)that anyone can order from. We have our own, slowly growing, facebook groups, and have joined many more. Advertising products to those local and UK wide selling groups has really supplemented our catalogue selling. We sold many beautiful duvet sets online over Christmas!

So, if you would like to know more, or get doing this yourself, here’s that first video (the one I thought was a scam until I saw who it was!):

Some people change their entire lifestyle by sponsoring others and building a large network hence earning residual income. It’s very much up to you, the more effort you put into it, whether it’s catalogues, online selling, or sponsoring, the more you will make. You choose your own hours, days, schedules. People do it alongside their job, or as extra in retirement, or some go on to give up work and do this full time.

I love the adaptability of Kleeneze and the way it helps people improve their lives.

If you would like more information or have any questions, fill in the contact form:

Or if you just want to sign up straight away (I’ll still be on hand to help and advise), there are a range of kits starting from the £25 one which gives you all the online things but only ten catalogues.  Some people do just want to do the online but I would definitely recommend doing both. This infographic (click to make bigger) shows you the different packages but the prices are all reduced at the moment:

Current prices and sign up links are below. There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with how things are going after 30 days.

Kit 5 is currently £20

Kit 4 is £30

Kit 3, also £30

Kit 2 is £45

Kit 1 (the one I chose because I really wanted to go for it!) is currently £75 or there is an instalment plan, though it increases the price, of £25 + £35 + £35.

I hope you enjoyed my Kleeneze story 🙂

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