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Christmas and Cashback… and Soup!

Oh it’s cold! Damp and misty and properly cold! Bright and Beautiful too. It’s time for soup and roast dinners and hot puddings and the fire on and hot chocolate and even… thinking about Christmas!

New to the Freebies page is Go Groopie, a site of discounts and vouchers for eating out, travel, kids products and Christmas things.

On the Make a Few Pounds page we have added Boom25, a site that as well as paying guaranteed cashback to your PayPal account, refunds every 25th shopper.

We’ve started the Christmas shopping at Everything5Pounds with some trendy and cosy jumpers! Don’t miss all our other frugal tips on our Christmas page.

Onto the warming recipes: yellow split pea soup, sausage and bean pie, roast potatoes and peppers, fruit crumble and don’t miss our 25p meal ideas.

Remember to check those daily deals from clearance food specialists Approved Food.

Stay cosy!

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Autumn Clothes and Recipes

Well, we finally have cool mornings and darker nights again. But that summer was great! It’s given us an abundance of apples which we are using up in apple pies and crumbles and cakes both brambley and appley 🙂

Other recipes that are good for Autumn: Root Soup, Roast Pumpkin and Garlic Pasta, Beer Battered Onion Rings and Porridge with a chocolate swirl!

We’ve been doing some jumper and jacket updates of our wardrobes over at Everything5Pounds. Amazing bargains; we got a quite a few big brands in the mix this time.

And should you be ready to look ahead past Autumn: Frugal Christmas!

Don’t miss the daily deals from clearance food specialists Approved Food. Nature seems to be telling us to stock the larder for winter and maybe we should listen?

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Cooling Recipes and Pallet Furniture

It’s hot. It was hot at 8am this morning, properly hot, here in Scotland as we sat on the bench above and drank our tea. We hope you’re getting a chance to do cooling things like paddling in the sea and/or eating ice lollies.

Back to that bench; it’s one of our recent pallet creations. There’s a new post about them here!

Food for the heat: minted noodle soupice lollies, Bean Burgers, Rice Salad, Hummus, Raw Chocolate Bites and actually, though it may seem somewhat counter intuitive, curry!

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The John Lewis Clearance is underway. See The Sales page for more bargains.

Don’t miss the daily deals from clearance food specialists Approved Food. We regularly fill our cupboards with them!

Keep cool!

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Upcycling Pallets

This is not so  much a how-to post as an inspirational one. If you can get free pallets – and many companies are happy to give the old ones away rather than paying for disposal – there’s lots of things you can do with them!

We made some garden seats!

Woodland ones painted green:

A bit of purple:

And a table too!

There are good books with more instruction and inspiration to be seen here and you can even buy (or make!) waterproof cushions for them!

Our favourite is the pink!

Trains and Jam and Holidays!

It’s super summery now; the hawthorn is flowering, the sun is beating down, yes really, and the rhubarb is growing lush and tall.

So, rhubarb! Try our Crumble and Jam recipes, they’re both really good… Other summer recipes we’re enjoying just now are: minted noodle soup, nettle soupchunky purple pasta, dandelion fritters and ice lollies!

The Days Out and Holidays Page has been updated with information on Railcards.

Daily deals site Wowcher has been added to The Sales page; it has some particularly good offers on holidays and hotels just now.

For foody bargains check out Approved Food. We’ve been using them for years and have saved hundreds.

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Enjoy the sunshine!

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