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Trains and Jam and Holidays!

It’s super summery now; the hawthorn is flowering, the sun is beating down, yes really, and the rhubarb is growing lush and tall.

So, rhubarb! Try our Crumble and Jam recipes, they’re both really good… Other summer recipes we’re enjoying just now are: minted noodle soup, nettle soupchunky purple pasta, dandelion fritters and ice lollies!

The Days Out and Holidays Page has been updated with information on Railcards.

Daily deals site Wowcher has been added to The Sales page; it has some particularly good offers on holidays and hotels just now.

For foody bargains check out Approved Food. We’ve been using them for years and have saved hundreds.

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Enjoy the sunshine!

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Super Cheap Pots, Herbs & Gardening!

Some days it’s hot and sweltering, like being in another country, other days it’s cold and windy and, well, like being here! But it is time for gardening, planting, sowing etc. and we’ve been making a start on that.

A trip to our local B&Q started really well with the discovery of a large selection of last season’s pots sitting out front, all for 50p! We got the two pictured above, along with the 4 for £10 deal on quite large herb plants. Winter soup flavoured! See our section on gardening and wild food: Free Food

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Books on Frugal Living

Recipes for hot days: ice lollies and raw chocolate bites
and for those chillier mornings: porridge!

For foody bargains check out Approved Food. We’ve been using them for years and have saved hundreds.

Keep cool or keep cosy!

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cheap shoes and wild garlic

wild garlic

The snow has gone! For now… So we’ve actually been enjoying the wild garlic that grows near us! There’s been pesto and creamy soup and lots of garnishing and adding to sauces 🙂

We’ve discovered a new source of discounted shoes. It’s not as cheap as Everything5Pounds but Schuh Imperfects have some amazing deals on big name brands. All the shoes will have some small imperfection, but it’s well worth a look for the massive savings available.

For foody bargains and filling up your cupboards (in case of more snow!) check out Approved Food. We’ve been using them for years and have saved hundreds.

Most recent posts: The 25p Meal and Making Money with Kleeneze – my story

Keep really really cosy! Eat soup! And hopefully this is Spring!

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Wild Food, Snow Food!

Last week we got excited about wild food: the wild garlic was through, we were looking forward to wild garlic pesto and creamy wild garlic carrot soup and anticipating nettle soup and dandelion fritters.

Then came the snow. Road blocking, face freezing, wild garlic covering, snow.

So we’re wrapped up warm in our £5 jumpers and back on the yellow split pea soup, the leek and potato and the mince and dumplings 🙂

In case you missed it last time, our latest super frugal post: The 25p Meal.

Keep really really cosy!

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Super Frugal Meals and Jumpers!

Well there’s been lots of really cold weather here: ice, snow, driving winds, sleet, hail… you name it. But we’re cosy in front of the fire and looking forward to Spring and all the sunshine and wild foods it will bring!

We have a new post up, all about super-frugal meal making, in fact aiming for 25p per person for a good dinner. See it here: The 25p Meal.

We’re all appreciating our warm jumpers just now, including the ones we got for Christmas from Everything5Pounds. Amazing quality items there, and all for £5!

Don’t miss our books section or our Make a Few Pounds Page.

Until next time,

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The 25p Meal

One of the cheapest ways to pare your food budget right back is to find out what time your local supermarket marks down its perishable products and do your shopping then. This makes possible  what we call the 25p meal: feeding a family of four for £1, or under, all ingredients.

For example:

Cauliflower (25p) in a white sauce (milk/marg/flour/water totalling 20p), and 30p worth of leftover rice made into herby tomato rice by adding:  1 onion (7p, not marked down but really cheap in Lidl) a squirt of tomato puree (5p), dried herbs (5p) salt (2p).

Above was a nice meal based around getting an organic unsliced wholemeal loaf for 10p, and adding marg and garlic to make it into garlic bread. Cheap spaghetti (often around 20p for 500g in value ranges) mixed with a tin of kidney beans at 25p and marked down pepper and courgette, both 10p each. Salad was a 10p lettuce with a squirt of lemon juice. There was a LOT of garlic bread made with that one loaf!

A firm favourite now, actually considered a treat in this house, is the meal of pizza bagels, or pittas, or, as pictured below, pizza paninis. Made with 4 Paninis at 19p for 2, then with pizza sauce consisting of an onion fried in a tiny bit of oil, tomato puree, herbs and salt, totalling no more than 10p. They only need a few minutes in the oven or under the grill as the bread bases are already cooked. We paired them with a reduced salad bag at 10p, reduced hummus at 32p and a tub of pasta salad marked down to 26p. Over budget by 6p! If we’d used cheaper bread, such as one pack of bagels reduced to 20p, we would have been under.

It would be cheaper to use the pizzas as a side to homemade soup (see our many soup recipes). Of course, you can add any topping you like to these, but the sauce is delicious in itself.

This next one pushes the budget again, though only by 10p, for a luxury breakfast! It’s porridge (20p worth value range oats) made with water, but with a huge box of blueberries (marked down to 75p) and half a bar of Lidl dark chocolate (bar is 30p, so 15p), smashed up. Yum.

Our local Tesco usually does a big mark down around 6pm. The one in the next town is a little later at 6.45pm and its prices go right down to 2p for many items. Asda starts much earlier in the day with its reductions. Martin Lewis wrote an article on the different supermarkets and their reduction times here.

Unless we’re going to use them that day, we tend to avoid ready chopped things which go off quickly. Whole vegetables and fruit will keep for a few days and bread will be good for a couple of days or can go straight in the freezer. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve filled our freezer with 10p loaves and buns!

It can be fun to use your imagination and ingenuity to make best use of what’s available on any given day in the reduced section. Please feel free to share your ideas and successes in the comments below 🙂

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Skeletor and Hearty Dinners!

We hope 2018 is progressing well for you; we’ve been beset with ice and snow again but it’s thawing now.

New to the finance page is where you can compare home and car insurance prices with the help of Skeletor and He Man (or is it HeMan? Or He-Man?)!

Our January food recommendations include: stocking your cupboards full with Approved Food, legging it along to your supermarket at mark down time, and eating wholesome hearty dinners such as…
Soup! All the soups!
Potato and Onion Pie
Aduki Bean and Amaranth Pie
Mince and Dumplings
and Crumble!

If you’re looking to save money quickly in January, frugal food shopping is one of the most immediate changes you can make. Read our tips here.

And if you’re looking to earn extra money this year: Making Money with Kleeneze – My Story

Enjoy those dinners!

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